ICF - Insulated Concrete Forms / Compound ICF

Building with RASTRA Insulated Concrete Forms provides the best opportunity for a maximized return-on-investment.

As you would expect, when its time to sell,

RASTRA insulated concrete forms homes consistently demand higher resale values. According to The National Association of Realtors, for every $1 savings in annual energy costs, home values increase by an average of $20.



What are Insulated Concrete Forms?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are formwork for concrete that stay in place as permanent building insulation for cast-in-place, reinforced concrete walls, floors, and roofs.

RASTRA Compound Insulated Concrete Forms (ICCFs) are recognized as the premiere building solution for economical and environmentally-friendly construction.

The ICFs are modular units requiring no mortar for stacking and are filled with concrete. Assembly is similar to building with Lego(R) bricks and create the form for a building’s structural walls. Concrete is poured into cavities lined with reinforcing steel (rebar) within the RASTRA units for stability and strength. The resulting walls have incredible flexural strength, similar to that of bridges and skyscraper buildings.

While most insulated concrete forms (made of EPS - expanded polystyrene) are filled with concrete in “lifts” to ensure no blowouts occur like other concrete formwork, RASTRA invented the Composite Insulated Concrete Forms (ICCF) which are filled at story-height (10-12 feet) in just one lift.

After the concrete has cured, the RASTRA ICFs are left in place permanently. This ensures:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Adequate space for electrical and plumbing installation
  • Strong backing for gypsum boards, stucco, brick, stone, or plaster on interior or exterior applications