Compound Insulated Concrete Forms Benefits

  • RASTRA is a stay-in-place Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) System that is structurally strong. RASTRA Insulated concrete forms' strength is up to 700% stronger than wood frame walls.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are energy-efficient decreasing energy consumption by up to and above 50%.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are sound absorbent.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are Non-combustible.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are resistant to high wind, hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes,
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are not attacked by rodents and insects and do not mold,
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are made from 85% recycled materials.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms are 100% recyclable.
  • The production of RASTRA Insulated concrete forms is considered to be ecologically-clean.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms provides an almost limitless service life.
  • RASTRA Insulated concrete forms provides the lowest cost-of-ownership available.

Insulated concrete forms advantages compared to traditional building materials, especially in residential and light commercial construction:

  • Minimal, if any, air leaks, which improves comfort and less heat loss compared in with walls without an air barrier
  • Thermal resistance (R-value) above 3 K·m²/W (in American customary units: R-17) not changing over the lifespan; this results in permanent saving energy compared with uninsulated masonry
  • High sound absorption, which helps produce peace and quiet compared with framed walls
  • Structural integrity for better resistance to forces of nature, compared with framed walls
    • Higher resale value due to longevity of materials
    • More insect resistant than wood frame construction
    • When the building is constructed on a concrete slab, the walls and floors form one continuous surface; this keeps out insects and rodents.
    • Concrete does not rot when it gets wet
  • Reduces HVAC operating costs from 30%-70%
  • Construction methods are easy to learn, and Rastra has training available
  • ICF structures are much more comfortable, quiet, and energy-efficient than those built with traditional construction methods.
  • Designing and Building with ICFs help your construction project attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building status.
    Insulated Concrete Forms create a monolithic concrete wall that is 10 times stronger than wood framed structures.

  • “Cost - Depending on design, an average home will cost about five dollars per square foot more than a conventional wood built home. This usually amounts to about 5% of the cost of the wall. For high-end wood homes this percentage decreases to about 2% or 3%. For high-end homes constructed of concrete the insulated concrete form solution is usually less expensive.”

    Source Wikipedia.