Building Applications


Compound Insulated Concrete Forms Applications

RASTRA is strong and flexible. It is the perfect construction solution for single and multi-family homes, as well as small and large industrial and commercial projects.

  • Basements
    • According to energy experts, 40% of a home’s heat is lost through the ground. RASTRA is uniquely effective in thermal performance making it the perfect solution for basement walls. RASTRA homes are able to keep out the winter cold and keep in the warm home air.
  • Single Family Homes
    • With energy costs increasing every year and a market demand for eco-friendly construction, single family homes built with ICFs has increased nearly 25% every year for the past several years.
  • Multi-Family Homes
    • More and more townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and hotels are applying for RASTRA construction. RASTRA’s combination of benefits, from fire protection performance to sound reduction capacity to cost-effectiveness, make it uniquely suited and popular for multi-family housing builds.
  • Commercial / Industrial
    • Commercial projects represent ⅓ of all ICFs used. With its quick construction, low-cost, and low maintenance requirements, RASTRA is optimal for these kinds of projects. RASTRA has been used for hotels, motels, retail, offices, warehouses, cold storage, schools, churches, theaters, and other community buildings - all rapidly growing applications.
Building with RASTRA insulated concrete forms protects homeowners by exceeding any new energy standard.